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Common Signs That A Foundation Needs Repair

constructionA lot of people have the tendency of overlooking the importance of house foundation. For your information, this is the riskiest thing you can do. It is important to bear in mind that the foundation of a house is the most important part. Why? The foundation carries and supports any other part of the house. This means that if any fault develops on the foundation, everything in that particular house including the residents are in total danger. There are innumerable cases where people lose their lives after a house collapses due to foundation faults.

It is greatly advised that you do a thorough inspection in your house occasionally. This is the only way you will be able to identify developing faults and act accordingly. The best part is that faults will be identified early enough before they aggravate to serious levels.

Below are some of the signs that indicate foundation faults:

  1. Uneven Floors

It takes time before this sign is noticed. However, as time passes, you will realize that such signs are slowly showing. In most cases, this happens to houses that have been built on swampy grounds. After the foundation is exposed to prolonged wetness, internal cracks develop hence swelling some parts on the surface. The end result will be sloppy or uneven floor.

It is important to note that this problem can go even further. Some cracks on the surface of the floor might occur. Aside from that, the top concrete might begin to wear hence eventually forming some potholes in your house. If the mentioned signs are noticed, you should move fast in undertaking a repair task.   This video by PierTech highlights how to make repairs using helical piers.


  1. Cracks On Both Interior and Exterior Bricks

This is actually one of the commonest signs that a house foundation has a major fault. It is important to note that such a fault is very serious since it has been spread from the foundation itself to other parts of the house. There are cases where cracks are noticed between the interior bricks. There are other cases where cracks might be noticed on the exterior parts. Either case indicates that the foundation of your house is not in the right condition.

This usually happens when the foundation turns uneven hence prompting some movements on the walls. Irregularities on the foundation create a direct impact on the wall and that is how cracks emanate. In most cases, the bricks next to the foundations are affected though the problem might spread as time passes.

  1. Stubborn Doors and Windows

One thing you should comprehend is that doors and windows are directly attached to the house concrete on the walls. This means that anything that happens to the wall will directly affect their operation. You might have realized that your house doors and windows are slowly turning stubborn by the day. You might be facing a lot of difficulties to close or open both the windows and doors. This is an indication that your house foundation is developing faults gradually.

It is imperative to note that any deformation on house walls prompts some movements. This means that the original position of your house doors and windows will no longer be retained. As such, you will find it challenging to close both the doors and windows. If they are successfully closed, you will realize that the frames and the doors do not correspond in the best way. Repairs should be done as soon as you realize such problems on doors and windows.

  1. Separation Between Bricks and Frames

As time passes, you might realize some form of ‘pulling away’ between the frames of your house windows and the wall. The separation might continue until large gap between the two is formed. If that is the case in your house, then it would be wise to consider embarking on foundation repair. There are cases that the gaps are horizontal while others are formed vertically. Each case is prompted by a particular defect on the foundation.

It should be understood that such a problem can be extended to other parts of the house as well. This majorly depends on the how big the foundation movement is. Some people claim to have noticed some cracks on the ceiling while others register some damages on the roof parts. The secondary developments of such faults can be really hazardous and that is why repair is recommended at primary levels.

  1. Wall Rotation

Depending on the kind of reaction happening in the foundation, effects like wall rotation might come as a result. This is characterized by some floating bricks on the wall. Some bricks might move inwards. This majorly happens when the reaction is strong enough to create big movements on the wall.

It might interest you to know that this is one of the secondary effects and the most threatening. Wall rotation means that your house can collapse at one point or the other. In other words, the sign indicates that your house has already reached the weakest point and it is no longer safe to live in. At this juncture, it is greatly advised that you consider demolishing the affected part or better still the entire house. The bottom line is that quick action should be taken to address such a problem.

Separation of The Foundation From The Rest of The House

It is important to note that this is quite different from the separation created between frames and the wall. At this juncture, separation between the foundation and the other parts of the house is created. It should be noted that there is a point of intersection that exists between the walls and the foundation. This is usually linked using metal rods and concrete.

Any time a slight movement is created in the foundation, a shift on the wall is also created. Sometimes the forces might take different directions hence prompting separation between the wall and the foundation. Sometimes you might not notice any movements. In such a case, a form of a crack may be noticed. Either case should signify serious defects on the foundation hence repair should be opted for.

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